In the parable of the ten virgins we read in the Bible, five virgins were not ready to enter into the marriage feast when the bridegroom came and even though they begged him to let them in saying “Lord, Lord, open to us” (Matthew 25:11), he answered by saying “truly I say unto you, I know you not” (Matthew 25:12).
In this story, five virgins were wise and had made themselves ready because they were waiting for his coming; but the other five somehow did not pay sufficient attention to the importance of that moment, and thus they did not enter into the feast in the Kingdom of heaven.
The lesson is: Though we need to take care of business (jobs, family, etc.) in this life, we should never allow the worries, foolishness and unbelief to take away from us the importance of getting ready spiritually for the life that follows after we pass on from here. Otherwise we gamble with our eternity. We must be ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ.